Many nail problems are caused by stress on the nails. These stresses can be shoes, environment, sport and beauty treatments like Gel nail polish, nail varnish and buffing. The stress on the nail opens them up to attacks to fungal nail infection, which usually starts with slight discolouration along the edge or on the surface of the nail. As time progresses, the fungal infection spreads down and across the nail, often effecting neighbouring nails.

Prevention & Cure

The first step to nail recovery is to make sure that you really are suffering from a fungal infection, as many other nail conditions mimic the look of a fungal nail, such as psoriasis. To clarify the reason for your discoloured nails book an appointment as soon as possible to prevent the further spread and and damage to the nails. Fungal nail treatment can take time to take affect so we advise to start treatment as soon as possible.

We now offer 5-minute fungal nail testing, to complement our assessment and treatment options.