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Whether you have foot pain and just can’t understand why, or it’s finally time to get some help looking after your feet properly and without judgement, then come and visit us at Practice01. We offer a complete service of podiatry treatment at the Le Roux Clinic in Weston-super-Mare and, with our helpful and courteous staff, no problem is too big or small.

We can help you to get an accurate assessment of your problem using the latest diagnostic equipment and treatment procedures, and also offer fungal nail testing results in just five minutes in our specialist local clinic. We’ll work with you to create a tailored foot care treatment plan and, if necessary, can also assist with surgery or post-operative care. From toenail discolouration and nail care, all the way to reconstructive surgery and walking rehabilitation, we can help.

Our experienced team will make sure that you feel at ease throughout the process, and work with you towards a problem or pain free future. In our over twenty years experience in podiatry, there’s not a lot that we haven’t seen and helped with before! So you can rest easy that no problem of yours is too big or too small, or something that we haven’t seen and solved before.

We’re HCPC accredited and 5* rated online, so if you’re looking for an established podiatry treatment clinic in the Weston-super-Mare area, please drop us a call on 01934 627 733 or book a consultation now:



Our passion for podiatry really shines in our feedback. Learn more about some of the happy clients that we’ve helped already:

Trustworthy and friendly. Always a pleasure to attend my appointments.

As a diabetic it is important that my feet are well looked after and I have full confidence in Sue’s abilities and knowledge. She also sorted out my ingrowing toe nail problems and “retrained” my nails to grow so that I no longer suffer from them. The facilities are clean, bright and airy and the Receptionists polite and helpful. I can highly recommend Sue Letherby for her professionalism and care.

I had been told by many doctors and podiatrists that there was no treatment for the many veruccas on my feet and that they “would go in time”. After several years and increasing pain from the veruccas a friend recommended I visit Sue. Sue was straightforward in her approach and honest in what she could offer. Some months and visits later and all the veruccas have gone!