Dr Anders Nail Conditioner


Regular use of conditioning Nail Treatment will improve the appearance of the nails, reduce the thickness and make them softer and easier to manage

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Conditioning Nail Treatment
Dr Anders Conditioning Nail Treatment works in 4 key ways:
It improves the appearance of the nails by targeting the dermatophytes that are responsible for fungal nail and skin infection.
It hydrates the nail cells using humectants to attract and hold in water; so that the nails that are softer and less brittle.
It softens and nourishes the nails using natural oils; to increase the flexibility.
It breaks down the disulphide bridges between the keratin cells to destabilise the nail structure make the nail plate softer.

What are the key ingredients?
Dermosoft® decalact is a powerful antimicrobial proven to eliminate the Trichophyton species of fungus. It is 100% natural and ECOCERT registered.
Glycerin is a humectant and It rehydrates the nail by attracting and holding in water, increasing flexibility.
Castor, grapeseed and sunflower oils to increase the flexibility of the nail.
Sodium thiosulphate breaks down hard the keratin bonds in the nail to reduce thickness. It is incredibly safe as it only targets the hardened compacted cells.

Features & benefits
Softens nails
Makes thick hard toenails easier to cut
Reduces discomfort associated with having thick hard toenails
Helps prevent ingrowing toenails
Formulated to treat the nails in 4 key ways
Antimicrobial action of Dermosoft® decalact improves appearance and
protects against infection
Humectant action of glycerin rehydrates the nail by attracting and holding
in water
Natural oils soften and nourish the nails
Sodium thiosulphate breaks down hard the keratin bonds in the nail to
reduce thickness
Tube and brush applicator system
Easy and convenient to use and easy to apply evenly to the nail

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