Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm


The unique non-greasy formula deeply hydrates and absorbs exceptionally quickly to a soft silky finish, leaving a veil of intensive hydration on the skin.

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Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm is formulated with the key ingredients:
Urea – attracts water from the deeper layers of the skin, hydrating the cells and reducing the gaps. It also softens the cells in the surface
layers and loosens them, enabling them to be shed more easily.
Lactic acid – an AHA which gently breaks down the ‘glue like’ bonds between cells in the upper layer of the skin and triggers repair. This
helps the hardened skin cells to fall off and helps the skin keep more water in, softening and improve the appearance of hard, callused skin.
Olus oil – has excellent emollient and occlusive effects, moisturising the skin whilst acting as a barrier to moisture loss. It is
hypoallergenic, and suitable for those with sensitive, dry and itchy skin conditions.
Collodial oatmeal – relieves dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sunburn and brings soothing comfort to irritated skin.
Vitamin E is known for its healing and protective effects.
Lanolin – penetrates deeply and creates a barrier in the underlying layers of skin to prevent moisture from escaping.
Dermasoft Decalact – a powerful antimicrobial proven to eliminate the Trichophyton species of fungus. It is 100% natural and
ECOCERT registered.
Thuja occidentalis – commonly known as Arbor vitae or “Tree of Life” has been used for centuries as a medicinal and has been proven to
have powerful antiviral and antifungal properties.
Breaks down hard callused skin
Forms a protective barrier
Relieves and soothes
Absorbs exceptionally quickly
Penetrates deep into the epidermis locking moisture in and rehydrating
even tough, hard and cracked skin
Reduces the pain associated with having hard, callused skin
Eliminates cracks and fissures
Aids the penetration of the moisturising ingredients into epidermis, reduces
water loss by evaporation and helps skin to retain water for longer
Packed with the most efficacious soothing ingredients to help reduce
discomfort from the pain of cracked heels
Antimicrobial action of Dermosoft ® decalact and Thuja occidentalis
improves the condition of the skin and protects against infection
Quick and easy to apply
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Rescue Balm

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